People Working at LAPOM

Here are pictures and names of the many people working in LAPOM.
Links to homepages and e-mail addresses are also provided.

Prof. Witold Brostow

(sitting, not standing)
Director of LAPOM
President of the
International Council of Materials Education
President of the Scientific Committee of
Corresponding member of
Regents Professor of
Materials Science and Engineering
Concurrently Professor of
at the University of North Texas
Member of the Scientific Council of the Emil Zelgadowicz Museum in Wadowice
Member of the European Academy of Sciences in Brussels
Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Mexico City

Dr. Haley E. Hagg Lobland
Associate Director of LAPOM Photo.JPG

Nathalie Hnatchuk
LAPOM Lab Manager

Dr. Khatuna Barbakadze
Research Assistant

Mark Yang
Graduate Student

Jocelyn Yao
TAMS Student

Ben Leu
TAMS Student

Bruna Camporezi
Research Assistant

Benjamin Karten
Student Researcher
Dr. Ricardo Simoes
Visiting Professor from IPCA, Barcelos

Thomas Cloarec
Graduate Research Assistant

Sarah Forester
Research Assistant

Zach Hoyt
Researcher for the Encore Wire project

Yineng Zhang
Graduate Student

Dr. Osman Gencel
Visiting Professor from Bartin University

Dr. Kevin P. Menard
Adjunct Professor from the
Perkin-Elmer Corporation

Gregory Granowski
PhD student
Dr. Michael Hess
Adjunct Professor and
Visiting Professor from the
Gerhard Mercator University of Duisburg
Dr. Victor M. Castaño
Adjunct Professor from the
National Autonomy University of Mexico-Queretaro
Dr. Jean-Marc Saiter
Visiting Professor from the
LECAP University of Rouen
Dr. Volodymyr Donchak
Visiting Professor from
Lvivska Politechnika National University

Prof. Ayman Atta
King Saud University, Riyadh
 R.P. Singh
Visiting from the University of Lucknow
Dr. Oscar Olea-Mejia
Prof. University of State of Mexico

Dr. Wunpen Chonkaew
Prof., King Mongkut’s, University of Technology, Bangkok
John B. White
P.h.D. Student

Taehwan Kim
Graduate student

Dr. Francisco J. Carrión-Vilches
Visiting Prof. from the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (SPAIN)

Chong Bo
Graduate Student

Susmitha Sayana
TAMS Student

Wa Xie
Student Researcher

Nonso Chetuya
LAPOM Epoxy Specialist G.JPG

Dr. Marina Gakhutishvili
Fulbright Visiting Scholar

Jiandong Zhu
TAMS student

Andrew Bao
TAMS student,2015.jpg

LAPOM Meeting Spring 2015.,2014.jpg

Professor Hamad Al-Lohedan (third from the left) and Ayman Atta (third from the right) from the King Saud University in Riyadh visiting LAPOM on March 17, 2014.

LAPOM Meeting Summer 2013

Intel Regional Science Fair Spring 2013

LAPOM Meeting Summer 2012

LAPOM meeting Winter 2011


LAPOM meeting Summer 2009

LAPOM meeting summer 2008

LAPOM meeting in June 2007

LAPOM Meeting 2005
LAPOM Members at a meeting in April 2004

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