Selected Publications from 2000

Witold Brostow, editor, Performance of Plastics, Hanser/Gardner, Munich - Cincinnati 2000.

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Witold Brostow, N.A. D'Souza, B. Gopalanarayanan, E.G. Jacobs, Thermal Expansivity and Thermal Condutivity of Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide + Polymer Liquid Crystal Blends, Polymer Sci. & Eng. 2000, 40, 490.

Witold Brostow, Janusz Walasek, Mechanisms of Orientation of Polymer Liquid Crystals (PLCs) in External Fields, Internat. J. Polym. Mater. 2000, 45, 169.

Lilia Bazyliak, Michael Bratychak, Witold Brostow Synthesis and Properties of Peroxy Derivatives of Phenol-formaldehyde Resins, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2000, 3, 218.

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Bryan Bilyeu, Witold Brostow,Kevin P.Menard Epoxy Thermosets and Their Applications. II. Thermal Analysis, Journal of Materials Education 2000. Vol 22 (4-6). 107-129. [pdf file]


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