Selected Publications from 2002

W. Brostow, R. Simões, Simulacion y animacion por ordenador de la formacion y propagacion de grietas en polimeros liquido - cristalinos (PLCs),  Revista de Plasticos Modernos. 2002, 83, 177.

P. Punchaipetch, V. Ambrogi, M. Giamberini, W. Brostow, C. Carfagna, N. Anne D'Souza, Epoxy + liquid epoxy coreacted networks: II. Mechanical Properties, Polymer 2002, 43, 839.

W. Brostow, A. Cunha, J. Quintanilla, R. Simões, Crack formation and propagation in molecular dynamics simulations of polymer liquid crystals (PLCs), Macromol. Theory & Simul. 2002, 11, 308. [pdf file]

A. Akinay, W. Brostow, V. Castano, R. Maksimov, P. Olszynski, Time - teperature correspondence prediction of stress relaxation of polymeric materials from a minimum of data, Polymer 2002, 43 [pdf file]

W. Brostow, M. Jaklewicz, S. Mehta, P. Montemartini, Effects of magnetic fields on flexural properties of a longitudinal polymer liquid crystal, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2002, 5, 250.

M.  Bratychak, W. Brostow, V. Donchak, Functional peroxides and peroxy oligoesters on the basis of pyromellitic dianhydride, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2002, 5, 261.

P. Punchaipetch, N. D'Souza, W. Brostow, J. Smith, Mechanical properties of glass fiber composites with an epoxy resin modified by a liquid crystalline epoxy, Polymer Composites 2002, 23, 564

B. Bilyeu, W. Brostow and K. Menard, Separation of gelation from vitrification in curing of a fiber-reinforced epoxy composite, Polymer Composites, 23, 1111. [pdf file]

M.  Bratychak, M.  Bratychak, W. Brostow, O. Shyshchak, Synthesis and properties of peroxy derivatives of epoxy resins based on bisphenol A: effects of the presence of boron trifluoride ethereate, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2002, 6, 24.

Witold Brostow, Bernard Bujard, Patrick E. Cassidy, Haley E. Hagg,  Pablo E. Montemartini Effects of fluoropolymer addition to an epoxy on scratch depth and recovery. Mat Res. Innovat. 2002, 6, 7 [pdf file]

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