Selected Publications from 2003

W. Brostow, A. Cunha, R. Simes, Generation of polymeric structures on a computer,  Materials Research Innovations 2003, 7, 19.

M. Bratychak, W. Brostow, M. Gagin, O. Grynyshyn, O. Shyshchak, Oligomeric azodinitrile compounds with epoxy groups on the basis of 4,4'-azo-bis-(4-cyanopentanoic) acid,  Materials Research Innovations 2003, 7, 47.

A. de la Isla, W. Brostow, B. Bujard, M. Estevez, J. R. Rodriguez, S. Vargas, V. M. Castano, Nanohybrid scratch resistant coatings for teeth and bone viscoelasticity manifested in tribology,  Materials Research Innovations 2003, 7, 110. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, N. M. Glass, Cure progress in epoxy systems: dependence on temperature and time, Materials Research Innovations 2003, 7, 125. [pdf file]

J. F. Mano, J. L. Lopes, R. A. Silva, W. Brostow, Creep of PVDF monofilament sutures: service performance prediction from short- term tests, Polymer 2003, 44, 4293- 4300.

W. Brostow, V. M. Castano, G. M. Barrera, J. M. Saiter. Pressure-volume-temperature (P-V-T) properties of Ge Se inorganic polymeric glasses. Physica B (2003) 436- 442.

W. Brostow, P. E. Cassidy, J. Macossay, D. Pietkiewicz, S. Venumbaka. Connection of surface tension with multiple tribological properties in epoxy + fluoropolymer systems. Polymer International 2003, 52, 1498-1505. [pdf file]

Witold Brostow Magdalena Jaklewicz, Pablo Montemartini, Poly(ethylene terephtalate)-containig polymer liquid crystals and their blends. Int. J. of Polym. Mater. 2003, 52, 999.

W. Brostow, J.-L. Deborde,  M. Jaklewicz & P. Olszynski, Tribology with emphasis on polymers:  Friction, scratch resistance and wear,  J. Mater. Ed. 2003, 25, 119-132.  [pdf file]

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