Selected Publications from 2004

Witold Brostow, J. Adam Hinze, and Ricardo Simões, Tribological behavior of polymers simulated by molecular dynamics, J. Mater. Res. 2004, 19, 851. [pdf file]

Witold Brostow and Magdalena Jaklewicz, Friction and scratch resistance of polymer liquid crystals: Effects of magnetic field orientation, J. Mater. Res. 2004, 19, 1038. [pdf file]

Ricardo Simoes, Antonio M Cunha, Witold Brostow, Molecular deformation mechanisms and mechanical properties of polymers simulated by molecular dynamics. e-Polymers. 2004. no. 067. [pdf file]

Witold Brostow, Gowrisankar Damarla, Juliet Howe, Dorota Pietkiewitcz, Determination of wear of surfaces by scratch testing. e-Polymers. 2004. no. 025

[pdf file]

Witold Brostow, Bernard Bujard, Patrick E. Cassidy, Sreenu Venumbaka, Epoxy+fluoropolymer systems: nanoscale surface organization and scratch resistance. Int. J.  Polym. Mater. 2004, 53, 1045.

Witold Brosow Janusz Walasek, A statistical-mechanical model of polymer liquid crystal subjected to external deformations. J of Chem. Phys. 2004. 121, 3272

Ricardo Simoes, Antonio M Cunha, Witold Brostow, Morphological features and mechanical behavior of one and two-phase polymeric materials simulated by molecular dynamics. Polymer. 2004, 45, 7677 [pdf file]

Olga Grigoryeva, Alexander Fainleib, Olga Strarostenko, Alexander Tolstov, Witold Brostow. Thermolpastic elastomers from rubber and recycled polyethylene: chemical reactions at interphases for property enhancement. Polym. Int. 2004, 53, 1693 [pdf file]

W. Brostow and R.P Singh, Mechanical Performance of Plastics, in Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology, editor J. Kroschwitz, Wiley, New York 2004

W. Brostow, V.M Castaņo, J Horta and G Martinez Barrera, Gamma Irradiation Effects on Impact Strenght and Thermal Properties of SBR-toughtened Polyestyrene, Polimery 2004, 49, 9.

W. Brostow, V.M Castaņo, G Martinez-Barrera and D. Pietkiewitcz. Pressure-volume-temperature properties of an epoxy+fluorinated poly(aryl ether ketone)system, Physica B 2004, 344, 206.

W. Brostow and M. Jaklewicz, Tribology of a polymeric Molecular Composite: Effects of Magnetic Field Orientation, J. Mater. Res. 2004, 19, 1038.

W. Brostow, L. Gargallo, S. Hormazabal, M. Jaklewicz, K.P. Menard, S. Opazo and D. Radic, Morphology and Thermal Properties of Binary Blends of Poly(cyclohexylethil methacrylate) or Poly(cyclohexylpropyl methacrylate) with a Polymer Liquid Crystal. Polymer Internat. 2004, 53, 460.

W. Brostow, K.P. Menard and J.B. White. Application of dynamic mechanical  analysis techinques to bismuth telluride based thermoelectric materials, e-Polymers 2004, no 45.

G. Martinez Barrera, C. Menchaka, D. Pietkiewitcz and W. Brostow, Polystyrene + Styrene-butadiene Blends: Mechanical and Porphological Properties, Mater. Sci Medziagotyra 2004, 10, 166

A. Romankiewicz, T. Sterzynski, and W. Brostow. Structural characterization of a- and b-nucleated isotactic polypropylene. Polymer Internat. 2004, 53, 2086.[pdf file]

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