Selected Publications from 2005

G. Martinez-Barrera, E. Vigueras- Santiago, S. Hernandez-Lopez, G. Martinez Barrera, W. Brostow and C. Menchaca Campos. Mechanical improvement of concrete by irradiated polypropylene fibers. Polymer Eng. Sci. (2005) 1426-1431 [Abstract]

I. M. Kalogeras, M. Roussos, I. Christakis, A. Spanoudaki, D. Pietkiewitcz, W. Brostow and A. Vassilikou-Dova. Dielectric properties of cured epoxy resin + poly (ethylene oxide) blends. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. 351 (2005) 2728-2734 [Abstract]

W. Brostow, V. M. Castaño, G. Martinez-Barrera. Gamma irradiation effecto on polystyrene + SBR blends: morphology and microhardness. Polimery 50 (2005) 657-662 [Abstract]

W. Brostow, M. Keselman, I. M.-Harpaz, M. Narkis, R. Peirce. Effects of carbon black on tribology of blends of poly(vinylidene fluoride) with irradiated and non-irradiated ultrahigh molecular weight polyetylene. Polymer. 46 (2005) 5058-5064 [Abstract] [pdf file]

M. Estevez, S. Vargas, A. de la Isla, W. Brostow, V. Castaño, J. R. Rodriguez. A novel dental material with high scratch resistance. Materials Research Innovations, 9-3:61-92 (2005) 1066-7857 [Abstract]

M. D. Bermudez, W. Brostow, F. Carrion-Vilches, J.J. Cervantes, D. Pietkiewicz. Friction and multiple scratch behavior of polymer + monomer liquid cristal systems. Polymer. 46 (2005) 347-362 [Abstract]

M. D. Bermudez, W Brostow, F. J. Carrion-Vilches, J. J. Cervantes, G. Damarla, J. M. Perez. Scratch velocity and wear resistance. e-Polymers (2005) no.003 [Abstract]

M. D. Bermudez, W Brostow, F. J. Carrion-Vilches, J. J. Cervantes, D. pietkiewicz. Wear of thermoplastics determined by multiple scratching. e-Polymers. (2005) no.001 [Abstract]

Witold Brostow  and Ricardo Simões. Tribological and mechanical behavior of metals and polymers simulated by molecular dynamics. J. Mater. Education. 27 (1-2). 2005. 19-28 [pdf file]


H. Hagg Lobland. Strange Matter: Students Impressions of a Museum Exchibit by the materials Reesarch Society. J. Mater. Education 27 (1-2). 2005. 29-32. [pdf file]

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