Selected Publications from 2009

Witold Brostow, Haley E. Hagg Lobland. Brittleness of materials: implications for composites and a relation to impact strength. POLYMER ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE (2009) [pdf file]

E. A. Bobadilla-Sánchez, G. Martínez-Barrera, W. Brostow, T. Datashvili. Effects of polyester fibers and gamma irradiation on
mechanical properties of polymer concrete containing, CaCO3 and silica sand.
eXPRESS Polymer Letters Vol.3, No.10 (2009) 615–620 [pdf file]

Witold Brostow, Haley E. Hagg Lobland, Sagar Pal and Ram P. Singh. POLYMERIC FLOCCULANTS FOR WASTEWATER AND
Journal of Materials Education Vol. 31 (3-4): 157 - 166 (2009) [pdf file]

Witold Brostow, Sameer Deshpande, Dorota Pietkiewicz, Steven R. Wisner. Accuracy in locating glass transitions: aging and gamma sterilization of vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers. e-Polymers 2009, no. 109 [pdf file]

Gonzalo Martínez-Barrera, Ana Laura Martínez-Hernández, Carlos Velasco-Santos, Witold Brostow. Polymer concretes improved by fiber reinforcement and gamma irradiation. e-Polymers 2009, no. 103 [pdf file]

W Brostow, A. Arribas, M.-D. Bermúdez, W. Brostow3, F. J. Carrión-Vilches, O. Olea-Mejía. Scratch resistance of a polycarbonate + organoclay
eXPRESS Polymer Letters Vol.3, No.10 (2009) 621–629 [pdf file]

W Brostow, Tea Datashvili, Abdel-Azim A. Abdel-Azim. Swelling and network parameters of crosslinked porous octadecyl acrylate copolymers as oil spill sorbers. e-Polymers 2009, no. 134 [pdf file]

Ioannis M. Kalogeras and Witold Brostow. Glass transitions in binary drug+polymer systems. Materials Letters 63 (2009). [pdf file]

V. H. Orozco, W. Brostow, W. Chonkaew and B. Lopez. Preparation and characterization of poly (lactic acid)- g- maleic anhydride + stafch belnds. Macromol. Symp. (2009) 277. 69-80 [pdf file]

J. Horta-Rangel, W. Brostow, G. Martinez Barrera and V. M. Castaņo. An optimization approach of the computer simulation of composite materials. J. Reinforce. Platics Composites. (2009). 28. 691-699 [pdf file]

W. Brostow. Reliability and prediction of long-term performance of polymer-based materials. Pure Appl. Chem. (2009). 81. 417-432. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, W. Chonkaew, K. P. Menard,    T. Scharf. Modification of an epoxy resin with a fluoroepoxy oligomer for improved mechanical and tribological properties. Mat. Sci. Eng. A. (2009). 241-251 [pdf file]

Brostow, W., Chonkaew, W., Datashvili, T., & Menard, K. P. (2009). Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.Tribological Properties of Epoxy + Silica Hybrid Materials9(3), 1916-1922. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, K.P. Menard & N. Menard, Combustion Properties of Various Species of Wood, Chem. & Chem. Technol. 2009, 3, 1730-178. [pdf file]

A. Abdel-Azim, A. Mahmoud Abdul-Raheim, A. Mohamady Atta, W. Brostow, T. Datashvili Swelling and network parameters of crosslinked porous octadecyl acrylate copolymers as oil spill sorbers, e-Polymers 2009. no. 134. [pdf file]



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