Selected Publications from 2010

J.C. Viana, R. Simoes, J.F. Mano, M. J. Oliveira, Z. Z. Denchev, W. Brostow & A.M. Cunha. Thermomechanical processing environment and morphology development of a thermotropic polymer liquid crystal. J. Appl. Polymer Sci. 2010, 115, 2991. [pdf file]


M.A. Migahed, A.M. Abdul-Raheim, A.M Atta, W. Brostow. Synthesis and evaluation of a new water soluble corrosion inhibitor from recycled poly(ethylene terphethalate). Materials Chemistry and Physics. 2010, 208 - 214. [pdf file]


W. Brostow, T. Datashvili, D. Kao, J. Too. Tribological Properties of LDPE + Boehmite Composites. Polymer Composites. 2010, 417 - 425. [pdf file]


W.Brostow, H. LoblandBrittleness of materials: implications for composites and a relation to impact strength. Journal of Materials Science. Vol. 45: 242-259, 2010. [pdf file]


W.Brostow, M. Gahutishvili, R. Gigauri, H. Lobland, S. Japaridze, N. Lekishvili. Separation of natural trivalent oxides of arsenic and antimony. Chemical Engineering Journal. Vol. 159, Issues 1-3, 24-26, 2010. [pdf file]


O. Gencel, W. Brostow, C. Ozel, M. Filiz. An investigation on the concrete properties containing colemanite. International Journal of Physical Sciences. Vol. 5(3), (2010) 216-225. [pdf file]


G. Martinez-Barrera, C. Menchaca-Campos, E. Vigueras-Santiago, W. Brostow. Post-irradiation effects on Nylon-fibers reinforced concretes. e-Polymers, no. 042 (2010). [pdf file]


W. Brostow G. Martinez-Barrera. Effect of marble particle size and irradiantion on mechanical properties of polymer concrete. e-Polymers, no. 061 (2010). [pdf file]


G. Areshidze, K. Barbakadze, W. Brostow, T. Datashvili, O. Gencel, E.  Lekveihsvili & N. Lekishvili, Separation of polycyclic hydrocarbons from  Georgian petroleum. Matererials Science Medziagotyra, 16 (2010) 170-175.  [doc file]


W. Brostow, M. Dutta, J. Ricardo de Souza, P. Rusek, A. Marcos de Medeirous, E.N. Ito. Nanocomposites of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and montmorillonite (MMT) Brazilian clay: A tribological study. eXPRESS Polymer Letters, Vol. 4, No. 9. (2010) 570-575.  [pdf file]


E. Vigueras-Santiago, S. Hernández-López, W. Brostow, O. Olea-Mejia, O. Lara-Sanjuan. Surface and electrical properties of high density polyethylene + carbon black composites near the percolation threshold. e-Polymers, no. 100 (2010). [pdf file]

M. D. Bermudez, W. Brostow, F. J. Carrlon-Vilches, and J. Sanes. Scratch Resistance of Polycarbonate Containing ZnO Nanoparticles: Effect of Sliding Direction. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol 10. (2010) 6683-6690. [pdf file]


O. Olea-Mejla, W. Brostow, and E. Buchman. Wear Resistance and weart mechanisms in Polymer + Metal Composites. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol 10. (2010) 8524-8530. [pdf file]


W. Brostow, T. Datashvili, R. McCarty and J.B. White. Copper viscoelasticity manifested in scratch recovery. Materials Chemistry and Physics 124 (2010) 371-376.[pdf file]


O. Gencel, W. Brostow, C. Ozel, M. Filiz. Concretes Containing hematite for Use as Shielding Barriers. Materials Science Vol. 16. (2010) No. 3 p. 249 - 256. [pdf file]


P. Blaszczak, W. Brostow, T. Datashvili, H. Lobland. Rheology of low-density polyethylene + Boehmite. Polymer Composites (2010) p. 1909 - 1913. [pdf file]


W. Brostow, V. Kovacevic, D. Vrsaljko J. Whitworth. Tribology of Polymer and Polymer-based Composites. Journal of Materials Education Vol. 32 (2010) p. 273-290. [pdf file]


W. Brostow, T. Datashvili, H. Miller. Wood and Wood Derived Materials. Journal of Materials Education Vol. 32 (2010) p. 125-138. [pdf file]


W. Brostow, M. Dutta & P. Rusek, Modified epoxy coatings on mild steel: Tribology and surface energy, Eur. Polymer J. 2010, 46, 2181.465 (2010)[pdf file]


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