Selected Publications from 2014

W. Brostow & T. Uygunoglu, Influence of chemical admixture particle and grade on viscosity of self-leveling morta, El-Cezeri J. Sci. & Eng. 2014 1, 12. [pdf file]

V.H. Orozco, A.F. Vargas, W. Brostow, T. Datashvili, B.L. López, K. Mei & L. Su, Tribological properties of polypropylene composites with carbon nanotubes and sepiolite, J. Nanosci. & Nanotech. 2014, 14, 4918. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, G. Granowski, N. Hnatchuk, J. Sharp & J.B. White, Thermoelectric phenomena, J. Mater. Ed. 2014, 36, 175. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, S.H. Goodman & J. Wahrmund, Epoxies, Ch. 8 in Handbook of Thermoset Plastics, 3rd edn., edited by H. Dodiuk and S.H. Goodman, Elsevier, Oxford – Waltham MA 2014.

O. Gencel, J.J. del Coz Dias, M. Sutcu, F. Koksal, F.P. Alvarez Rabanal, G. Martinez-Barrera & W. Brostow, Properties of gypsum composites containing vermiculite and polypropylene fibers: Numerical and experimental results, Energy & Buildings 2014, 70, 135. [pdf file]

S. Vargas, J.R. Rodriguez, H.E. Hagg Lobland, K.A. Piechowicz & W. Brostow, Effect of pH chemical treatment on mechanical and tribological properties of rice husk-based medium density fiberboards, Macromol. Mater. & Eng. 2014, 299, 807. [pdf file]

B. Ersoy, A. Evcin, A. Kesimal, T. Uygunoglu, Z.B. Akdemir, W. Brostow & J. Wahrmund, Zeta potential – viscosity relationship in kaolinite slurry in the presence of dispersants, Arab. J. Sci. & Eng. 2014, 39 , 5451. [pdf file]


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