Selected Publications from 2015

J. Horta, W. Brostow, R. Simoes & V.M. Castaño, 3D molecular dynamics /finite element simulation of carbon nanotubes-reinforced polymer composites, J. Comput. & Theor. Nanoscience 2015, 12, 3369. [pdf file]

M. Martinez-Lopez, G. Martinez-Barrera, C. Barrera-Diaz, F. Ureña-Nuñez & W. Brostow, Waste materials from Tetra Pak packages as reinforcement of polymer concrete, Internat. J. Polymer Sci. 2015, 763917. [pdf file]

D. Tobola, W. Brostow, K. Czechowski, P. Rusek & I. Wronska, Structure and properties of burnished and nitrided AISI D2 tool steel, Mater. Sci. Medziagotyra 2015, 21 511. [pdf file]

A.M. Atta, W. Brostow, H.E. Hagg Lobland, A.-R.M. Hasan & J.M. Perez, Network and swelling parameters of crosslinked octadecylacrylate-co-acrylic acid copolymers based on divinyl benzene crosslinker, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2015, 19 459. [pdf file]

R. Shah, T. Datashvili, T. Cai, J. Wahrmund, B. Menard, K.P. Menard, W. Brostow & J. Perez, The effects of functionalized reduced graphene oxide on the frictional and wear properties of epoxy resin, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2015, 19, 97. [pdf file]

K. Barbakadze, W. Brostow, N. Hnatchuk, Z. Hoyt & N. Lekishvili, Tribology of novel antibiocorrosion coatingsMater. Res. Innovat. 2015, 19, 227. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, H.E. Hagg Lobland & S. Khoja, Brittleness and toughness of polymers and other materials, Mater. Letters 2015, 159, 478. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, J. Chang, H.E. Hagg Lobland, J.M. Perez, S. Shipley, J. Wahrmund & J.B. White, Rheological characterization of molten polymers containing ceramic nanopowders for use in thermoelectric devices, J. Nanosci. & Nanotech. 2015, 15, 6604. [pdf file]

M. Gonzalez Torres, J.R. Rodriguez, S. Vargas, M. Estevez Gonzalez, M. del P. Carreon- Castro, G. Lopez Calzada, W. Brostow & N. Hnatchuk, Tribological and mechanical properties of poly[(R)-3- hydroxybutyric acid] grafted with vinyl compounds: Insight into possible application, Internat. J. Polym. Anal. & Char. 2015, 20, 469. [pdf file]

J.R. Souza, R.C.L. Silva, L.V. Silva, J.T.N. Medeiros, S.C. Amico & W. Brostow, Tribology of composites produced with recycled GFRP waste, J. Compos. Mater. 2015, 49, 2849. [pdf file]


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