Selected Publications from 2016

W. Brostow, G. Granowski & N. Hnatchuk, Polyurethane foam growth in Air Void Analyzer, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2016, 20, 156. [pdf file]

F. Quintanilla, J.R. Rodríguez, S. Vargas, S. G. Solís, R. Olayo, N. Hnatchuk, W. Brostow, Ikang Chen & M. González, Membranes of chitosan grafted onto poly(3-hydroxybutyrate): new insights into their applicability as scaffolds, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2016, 20, 37. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, N. Chetuya, N. Hnatchuk & T. Uygunoglu, Reinforcing concrete: Comparison of filler effects, J. Cleaner Prod. 2016, 112, 2243. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, T. Datashvili, P. Jiang & H. Miller, R Recycled HDPE reinforced with sol-gel modified wood sawdust Eur. Polymer J. 2016, 52, 28. [pdf file]

L. Janczewski, D. Tobola, W. Brostow, K. Czechowski, H.E. Hagg Lobland, M. Kot & K. Zagórski, Effects of ball burnishing on surface properties of low density polyethylene, Tribology Internat. A 2016, 93, 36. [pdf file]

R.A. Morales-Luckie, A.A. Lopezfuentes-Ruiz, O. Olea-Mejia, A.-F. Liliana, V. Sanchez-Mendieta, W. Brostow & J.P. Hinestroza, Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using aqueous extracts of Heterotheca inuloides as reducing agent and natural fibers as templates: Agave lechuguilla and silk, Mater. Sci. & Eng. C 2016, 69, 429. [pdf file]

H. Yang, A. Fortier, K. Horne, W. Brostow & H.E. Hagg Lobland, Shape memory metal alloys in the context of teaching smart materials, J. Mater. Ed. 2016, 38, 149. [pdf file]

B. Bashta, W. Brostow, G. Granowski & N. Hnatchuk, Modification of poly(vinyl chloride) + epoxy systems for improved thermal and aging stability, Macromol. Symp. 2016, 365, 239. [pdf file]

M. Bratychak, W. Brostow, O. Iatsyshyn & O. Shyshchak, Reactive oligomers based on a cyanuric acid resin, Mater. Res. Innovat. 2016, 20, 479. [pdf file]

W. Brostow & H.E. Hagg Lobland, Survey of relations of chemical constituents in polymer-based materials with brittleness and its associated properties, Chem. & Chem. Tech. 2016, 10, 595. [pdf file]

M. Gonzalez Torres, J.R. Rodriguez, S. Vargas, M. Estevez Gonzales, M. del P. Carreon-Castro, G. Lopez Calzada, W. Brostow & N. Hnatchuk, Tribological and mechanical properties of poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyric acid] grafted with vinyl compounds: Insight into possible applications, J. Polymer Anal. & Char. 2016, 21 , 469. [pdf file]

W. Brostow, S. Brumbley, M. Gahutishvili & N. Hnatchuk, Arsenic antibacterial polymer composites based on poly(vinyl chloride), Macromol. Symp. 2016, 365 , 258. [pdf file]


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