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The development of very high quality polymer-based materials and composites for electronic, electrical, automotive and other industries with:

These materials include:

In collaboration with:

Supported by:

Development of fracture mechanics with a molecular basis in the chain relaxation capability (CRC).

The determination and prediction of service performance and service life of advanced polymers:

In collaboration with:

Biaxial ceramic and polymer composites.

Glass-fiber reinforced epoxies and plastic coatings: effects of processing conditions on properties.

Epoxy and other plastic coatings on metals.

Polymers for medical applications supported by the Texas State Advanced Technology Program.

In collaboration with:

Chain conformations and overlap in polymer solutions at rest and drag reduction and mechanical degradation in solution flow.

Light scattering by polymer solutions.

In collaboration with:

Computer Simulations by molecular dynamics of polymers subjected to external mehanical forces: relaxation and crack propogation in tension, stress relaxation, etc.

Simulation by Brownian dynamics of polymer solutions in flow.

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