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The Laboratory of

Advanced Polymers and

Optimized Materials


Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of North Texas


LAPOM specializes in development of materials, components and coatings with predefined mechanical (high load applications), tribological (high scratch and wear resistance), thermophysical (service at high temperatures, low thermal expansivity) and dielectric (a wide range of dielectric constants) applications. The Laboratory also specialized in prediction of service performance, reliability and service life; see Performance of Plastics edited by W. Brostow, Hanser Publishers 2000. 

LAPOM also performs characterization and testing of materials, consultancy and trouble-shooting in the areas of manufacturing, processing and analysis of materials. It undertakes computer modeling of materials and processes. The Laboratory is associated with the Departments of Materials Science and EngineeringPhysics and Engineering Technology at the University of North Texas (UNT). LAPOM has also established itself as a basic research laboratory; see the List of Publications arranged by years. 

LAPOM provides opportunities for the education of its members and obtaining degrees at several levels including MS and PhD. The Laboratory acknowledges the support extended by many international, national, and Texas companies and organizations for its research programs. 

For the first 11 years LAPOM has hosted the POLYCHAR World Forum on Advanced Materials which since POLYCHAR-5 attracts each time participants from more than 40 countries. You can visit the POLYCHAR homepage at

The faculty, staff and students in LAPOM represent several professions: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Polymer Engineering and Physics. Thus, the Laboratory has capabilities to solve complex problems requiring interdisciplinary cooperation.

Organizational Structure of LAPOM

Prof. Witold Brostow, Director
Dr. Dorota Pietkiewicz, Associate Director


  • Material Development and synthesis group

    Dr. Tea Datashvili, Leader
    Bernard Huang
    David Kao
    Emmanuel Osunsona
    Vincent Paris

  • Nanohybrids and Tribology Group

    Dr. Dorota Pietkiewicz, Leader
    Oscar Olea-Mejia
    Haley E. Hagg-Lobland
    Rachel Chiu
    Edmund Duband
    Piotr Blaszczak

  • Thermophysics Group

    Prof. Kevin P. Menard, Leader
    Dr. Bryan Bilyeu
    Prof. Michael Hess
    Wunpen Chonkaew
    John B. White

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