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Recently, Kevin Mei won the Dean's Research Award at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science for exemplary summer research. Pictured here is Kevin with the Academy's Dean, Dr. Richard Sinclair. Kevin was the only one, out of 175 peers, to receive this award.

Kevin Mei won award

On October 22nd, the national semifinalists in the 2010 Siemens Competition in Math : Science : Technology were been announced.

Our LAPOM has 2 winners:

Martina Brozynski, Paschal High School, Fort Worth

Harrison Miller, TAMS

Their success has been created by Martina and Harrison first, but also by all of us. Kevin Mei (you remember his TAMS Dean 2010 Research Award, one for 175 students) has done much to bring Martina up to speed quickly in early June after her arrival in our lab. Tea Datashvili provided much guidance to our high school researchers. Two other our TAMS students have made their submissions to Siemens – each on the basis of a large body of results. Prof. James Duban keeps on providing his valuable guidance to our students participating in national competitions.

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